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Robert Shutte, CFP®, introduces you to Independent Financial Advisors, Inc. and their   innovative Front 9® / Back 9® Wealth Management System.

Round of Your Life

The Front 9® / Back 9® Wealth Management System uses the game of golf as a metaphor to help people understand the life long journey of managing their personal finances, what we call the Financial Round of Your Life.

Similar to an 18 hole round of golf, the Financial Round of Your Life has a Front 9® and a Back 9® that we all must play.

This video will demonstrate the differences between the Front 9® and the Back 9® as well the importance of playing both sides successfully.

3 Ways to Play

Although the decision to play the Financial Round of Your Life is not ours to make, deciding how we are going to play our round is a choice we can and must make.

Either by proactive choice or default, we have all decided to handle the lifelong endeavor of managing our personal finances in one of three ways.

This video will describe your three choices for playing the Financial Round of Your Life.

Wealth Management System

The Front 9® / Back 9® Wealth Management System was conceived and developed as a way to explain our holistic approach to the financial planning process and the importance of having a trusted relationship with an exceptional financial advisor.

By focusing on the same four fundamental playing advantages practiced by elite golf professionals, this innovative system helps remove the emotions that can cloud clear judgment and provides people with the tools and trusted assistance needed to take action and move forward with confidence.

Financial Shot Process

Just as the numbers on a golfer's scorecard reflect the quality of their shot decisions, so too, the outcome of the Financial Round of Your Life will depend on the sum quality of all the financial decisions you will make.

Elite golf professionals rely on a disciplined process for making committed shot decisions. Similarly, the Front 9® / Back 9® Wealth Management System provides people with a Financial Shot Process that consistently leads to committed financial decisions.

This powerful decision making tool and personal instruction on how to use it is available to our clients and those who participate in our Get a Second Read program.

Our Players

Individuals who benefit most from the Front 9® / Back 9® Wealth Management System are people of high integrity who view wealth from a holistic perspective. They strive to have time in their lives for relationships and pursuits that give their life meaning and fulfillment.

Our clients are people who want to feel confident that they are making good financial decisions. They understand the importance of doing all they can to insure they are playing their best in the Financial Round of Your Life.


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